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NRA Certification Programs

FoxFire Training Academy

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FoxFire Training Academy

NRA Certified Training Programs

FoxFire Training Academy is staffed by NRA certified CCW and Pistol instructors, with Chief Range Safety Officer qualifications.  Safety is job one!  Our NRA training programs for Firearms Safety, Certified Pistol Training and Concealed Carry are designed to provide comprehensive safety and firearms handling education.  Many concealed carry programs don't focus on "carrying", and don't spend enough time discussing the techniques necessary to ensure safety. 

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CCW Training

Have you wanted to obtain your CCW permit?

It's your right under the Consitution of the United States of America to keep and bear arms.  That means you have a right to carry a firearm.  Rights also come with responsibilities.   NRA certified firearms training programs are designed to help you carry safely and responsibly. 

Sure, there are shorter, and even less expensive programs.  What is your life or your personal freedom worth?  Being properly trained is critically important.  Our comprehensive firearm safety and live fire programs are the best way to do both!

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FoxFire Training Programs


FoxFire on the Go

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